Make better data-driven decisions

Facet is an exploratory analytics platform that helps you and your team discover and unlock new revenue opportunities without code.

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Explore your data in real-time. Get accurate answers instantly


Sub-second response times to complex queries

Facet uses best-in-class data infrastructure to power instant insights for your team, no matter how large your data set or how complex your query. Gone are the days of hitting "run" and waiting for queries to load.


Easily connect your data to Facet

Facet integrates directly with streaming sources like Segment and Kafka as well as modern cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift so that you can start exploring your data in minutes.


No-code data visualization for your whole team

Empower anyone on your team to grow your business faster. No need to use SQL or other query languages. Facet enables business teams to directly ask questions from their company’s data.

The best companies trust Facet to run their business across trillions of events per day

Modern businesses depend on Facet to run more efficiently, answer complex questions quickly and empower their teams to make better decisions.

Mark Connon
EVP of Platform Business Verizon

Facet's technology is helping us drive greater awareness for our clients and improved operational efficiencies.

Ari Paparo
CEO and Founder Beeswax

Our clients see transparency as extremely important - Facet plays a key role in boosting transparency that really completes our offer.

Matt McLaughlin
COO Double Verify

In our business, buyers are looking at any possible data insight they can leverage to improve performance.