Explore your time series data without SQL

Make better data driven decisions across your organization by connecting the Facet exploratory data analytics platform to your Snowflake or BigQuery.

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Facet is trusted by these companies for their data visualization needs

Explore your data in real-time.
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Drill-down and explore your data interactively

Your business data is now in your data warehouse, but how do you use it? Optimized for operational business metrics, Facet enables everyone in your organization to iteratively understand the factors that are driving the key metrics in your business as they change.


Put your data warehouse
to work

Leverage your existing data ingestion and ETL pipelines - don’t reinvent the wheel. Facet integrates directly with your cloud data warehouse, like Snowflake and BigQuery, and column-oriented datastores, like Druid or Pinot. Don’t have either? Connect directly to streaming infrastructure like Segment and Kafka.


Automate and understand your business, without writing SQL

Instead of expecting your team to generate and run SQL queries, or build custom software, Facet’s no-code platform allows anyone to perform root-cause analysis, set up alerts and scheduled reports, liberating your data engineering team from handling everyday reporting tasks.

The best companies trust Facet
to run their business across
trillions of events per day

Modern businesses depend on Facet to run more efficiently, answer complex questions quickly and empower their teams to make better decisions.

Facet's technology is helping us drive greater awareness for our clients and improved operational efficiencies.
Mark Connon
EVP of Platform Business at Verizon
Our clients see transparency as extremely important - Facet plays a key role in boosting transparency that really completes our offer.
Ari Paparo
CEO and Founder at Beeswax
In our business, buyers are looking at any possible data insight they can leverage to improve performance.
Matt McLaughlin
COO at Double Verify

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