5 Reasons Why Advertising Technology Businesses are Powered by Facet

Adam Kaiser
Adam Kaiser
5 Reasons Why Advertising Technology Businesses are Powered by Facet

Managing publishers and advertisers leveraging OpenRTB is hard. The data output is instantaneous and massive. Managing it with Facet is easier. Over my career I’ve worked at Rubicon Project (now Magnite), MoPub (acquired by Twitter), Vistar Media, and most recently Beeswax (acquired by Comcast) helping publishers increase revenue and advertisers drive lower acquisition costs.

Understanding billions of daily RTB ad impression requests while trying to help individual publishers and advertisers to reach their goals is difficult, but without an analytics platform like Facet it’s next to impossible. I’ve leveraged a variety of analytics and reporting systems and have seen first hand how powerful Facet workspaces are. 

Other solutions are expensive, SQL is time consuming and slows business decisions, and automated reports can only offer some much in their static nature.

Below are the top 5 ways that I help Facet advertising partners to drive revenue for their businesses.

  1. Get your whole team on the same page

It’s impossible to create a static dashboard that will cater to all of your team's analytics needs. Facet is an interactive dashboard that will empower your team to leverage critical data. Customer facing teams can start everyday by prioritizing revenue driving tasks. Use the account owner dimension for instant access to individual books of business. Quickly check change in revenue (auctions, impressions, etc.) with a time series comparison, and then continue to explore the root cause. Share with your colleagues on Slack to collaborate and resolve. 

  1. Catch expensive technical errors

Technical errors such as integration issues can have a major impact on revenue in just a short time. Using Facet to monitor day/day or week/week revenue will quickly identify any drastic changes in revenue trends. This information can be used to isolate a mistrafficked creative or a faulty SDK launch for a top app. The time saved in isolating the issues will be quickly translated to resolving the issue and save your business from significant revenue loss. 

  1. Protect & maximize margins

Programmatic advertising creates data at unfathomable speeds and volumes. Business teams are often unable to access the majority of their own data let alone in real-time. As a result, Data and Analytics teams waste thousands of hours pulling and analyzing data. If you don’t have real-time access to the data you are aggregating every second of the day, how do you protect your company’s margins? 

Any small change in the numerous technologies involved in every transaction can quickly amass seven figure losses in revenue. Facet enables publishers and advertisers to easily monitor company level revenue metrics with the click of a button. Data can be explored with granularity down to the minute, hour, or day. With a few clicks, you can create a time-series comparison to see day/day, week/week, or even quarter/quarter revenue changes for any customer or specific data attribute (DMA, Device, Operating System, SDK). 

Advertising demo example

  1. Streamline inventory discovery and planning

Auction data comes in the form of millions of queries per second (QPS). Spreadsheets and SQL were not built for this kind of scale. Sharing and requesting inventory availability is time consuming. Facet workspaces allow for quick canvassing of auction data so that advertisers can find performant inventory and reach out to partners with specific requests. Publishers can quickly navigate auction availability by specific dimensions like App, Website, Device, DMA, or even as specific as Internet Connection Type to drive more revenue from advertisers. 

Transactions by Deal ID account for over 50% of some businesses revenue. Deals are increasing exponentially as premium inventory from TV and Billboards comes online. Facet is the most powerful tool I’ve seen for a DSP to troubleshoot deals. Has the SSP enabled the deal? Are they sending the right traffic? Am I bidding above the floor? Creating a Deal ID dimension in Facet can answer these questions instantly. Click your Deal ID and then review the traffic being sent by the SSP.

  1. Optimize campaign performance and win rates

DSPs- “Am I bidding? Am I winning?” More often than not, campaigns fail for “simple” reasons or minute errors. Launching a campaign can quickly result in time consuming cross-referencing of platforms and data to isolate a root cause of error. Facet can provide you with quick access to bid floors, advertiser blocks and general auction level details to identify why your campaign is not scaling or performing as expected. Every minute spent troubleshooting is revenue lost. Resolve these issues quickly and fulfill your advertisers campaigns.

If you run an RTB ads business and want my help please contact me 

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