Alerts are Live! Proactively Monitor Your Key Business Metrics in Real-Time

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn
Alerts are Live! Proactively Monitor Your Key Business Metrics in Real-Time

How do you know when a campaign stops spending? How long does it take your team until someone manually notices spend is down? What is the process to troubleshoot and get to the root cause of the problem?

Are these questions keeping you up at night? We have great news, Facet alerts allow you to monitor your important business KPIs in real-time removing the manual lift and time consuming process of digging in and solving key issues.

Too often changes across KPIs occur and go unnoticed or aren't addressed until days after. With alerting, you can better monitor your revenue analytics, get proactive alerts pushed to you immediately in Slack, and ultimately make more money by preventing costly campaign errors.

Pushed to you directly to Slack

The beauty of alerts is that they automatically trigger and send notifications in Slack where your team will be notified, so they can collaborate and respond once the issue has been identified and addressed.

Want to set up alerts for your business today and save your team time from monitoring dashboards and your business money from missing significant changes in revenue? Get started by reading more from our docs and start implementing alerts in your workspace today!

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