All the Ways You Can Visualize with Facet

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn
All the Ways You Can Visualize with Facet

At Facet, we’re always building and designing our UI with the business user in mind. We want to ensure that any business user can come to Facet and intuitively navigate a workspace. With Facet, users don’t need to know how to code or write SQL, they can easily visualize and explore data by simply leveraging all of Facet’s out-of -the-box features. Integrating with Facet allows you to access dynamic workspaces that help you make more informed, data-driven decisions. With our user-friendly UI, you can click-to-filter, compare, and build pivot tables in order to view and better understand your data. 

Charts and visualizations

Customize your chart type depending on the type of time-series data you want to display. Learn more about our latest added chart styles.

Filtering and comparing 

Leverage the dimension panel to filter your entire workspace by dimension and include dimensions, exclude specific dimensions, or compare dimensions in a single view.  Learn more about filtering.

Pivot tables

Seamlessly group dimensions together to create multi-dimensional pivot tables. Learn more about pivot tables.

Ready to get started? Set up your free workspace today to test and explore all our different visualizations and features:

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