August Product Updates

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn
August Product Updates
Collaborate with in-app conversations

In June we talked about building the future of collaborative analytics and now we’re excited to truly enable collaboration with the launch of conversations. Now, by leveraging alerts, all of Facet’s exploratory platform features, and in-app conversations, you and your team can proactively monitor your workspace, dig into the data within seconds of an issue being identified, and then message and solve the problem directly in the Facet workspace.

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Goodbye CSVs, hello Shared Workspaces

Facet introduced Shared Workspaces in August with the goal of replacing cumbersome CSVs as the primary way to share data. Shared Workspaces allows companies to securely share and collaborate with their customers and partners in a single, interactive workspace — a unique approach to data sharing and partner analytics that we believe is a first for the industry.

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Alerts are officially live!

Use Facet Alerts to better inform you and your team if a threshold is triggered on a key metric across your workspace. Alerts are designed specifically to help you safeguard your business and quickly identify and address issues before they impact revenue.

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Facet makes overlays easy

Data overlays are incredibly valuable as you analyze and act upon your data. While you can use data overlays to better understand trends across your data, the tools in-market today make them difficult to implement as they can often introduce tactical and technical challenges. Facet makes overlays easy with our click-to-filter UI.

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We’re integrated with Trino and ClickHouse

By using Facet as your revenue analytics tool on Trino and ClickHouse data, your teams can use all of the features of a Facet workspace to collaborate on your data including click-to-filter, pivot tables, time comparisons, collaboration with Slack, automated reporting, and more.

We’re always adding support for new integrations and with these latest integrations, you can use Facet to analyze your data whether it’s located in Redshift, Segment, Snowflake, BigQuery, Druid, Pinot, or Amazon S3.

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August Product Updates

See what we've built and shipped at Facet for the month of August including...

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