ClickHouse Users can now Leverage Facet!

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn
ClickHouse Users can now Leverage Facet!

Our ClickHouse integration is live! We're especially excited to get ClickHouse launched as we know many of our AdTech and MarTech partners use ClickHouse for data storage. With our latest added ClickHouse integration, you can now use Facet to analyze your data whether it’s located in ClickHouse, Trino, Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, Druid, Pinot, Segment, or S3.

Our dedication to launching addition integrations ensures that Facet remains completely agnostic, and puts the power of setting up and controlling your data infrastructure into your hands. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly and cost effective solution for your data visualization needs.

By leveraging all of the features in a Facet workspace, you can analyze your data with daily monitoring and quick day/day, week/week, or even q/q time-series comparisons. Set up alerts so you never miss if tracked key metrics go above or below a specified percentage, and directly connect with Slack so you can seamlessly push updates to all your necessary team members.

Do you use ClickHouse and want to test out Facet for visualization?

Get started in a few easy steps:

  1. Simply go to create a new workspace
  2. Connect to ClickHouse
  3. Choose your dimensions and metrics
  4. And begin to explore your data using Facet

Ready to get started with ClickHouse and Facet? Integrate Facet as your front-end visualization layer and start exploring your data across ClickHouse today. Learn more in our documentation.

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