Enhancing our Slack Integration for Increased Collaboration

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn
Enhancing our Slack Integration for Increased Collaboration

We’re excited to roll-out additional features for our Slack integration to enable efficiency and collaboration with your team inside of Facet. 

With our latest release, in addition to previously being able to share Facet workspace links directly in Slack, you can now also schedule reports to be pushed regularly to Slack. Schedule automated reports to be sent to any individual or team channel within Slack and ensure everyone is data-driven and on the same page. 

Additionally, rather than proactively logging into Facet to review your data analytics, scheduled reports allow important insights to be pushed directly to you, so you can more passively ensure nothing is out of the ordinary with your key metric data. Say revenue drops significantly on a particular day, you can now review within Slack and ask your team channel what could have caused the decline, then enlist your team to look into it deeper.

At Facet we are dedicated to making analytics a team sport by breaking down the barriers that force individuals across any team to be reviewing and analyzing data alone. This release allows you to easily bring ad hoc Facet reports to your main communication channels, as well as turn your most important reports into regularly scheduled reports.

Want to get started? Adding Facet to your Slack is quick and easy. If you already work with Facet, simply press the “share” button and connect to Slack to begin sharing links and scheduling reports. If you are new to Facet, create your account to test out Facet and our Slack integration. You can also always schedule a call with our team to learn more.

Learn more in our Docs: Sharing to Slack and Scheduled Reporting in Slack

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