Faceteers Head to San Diego

Haley Newhall
Haley Newhall
Faceteers Head to San Diego

We finally met our fellow Faceteers in person! After many months of quarantine, we held our long-awaited company offsite in sunny San Diego. Our team has grown tremendously in recent months, and for most of us, this was our first time meeting the people we see on Zoom every day. It was a week full of fun, competition, and great conversation.

To start the week, the exec team met to discuss the future of Facet, while the rest of the team traveled and wasted no time finding the best local spot for lunch. Our first official event was our team welcome, followed by dinner and a team presentation. A few fun facts about each team member were shared in anticipation for our upcoming trivia night. 

The next morning, we met bright and early for surf lessons at Ocean Beach. We looked so cool rolling up with our Facet rashguards and matching surfboard towels! Everyone caught a few waves, and burned more than a few calories wading out into the ocean. Naturally, everyone was excited for lunch, which was part of our next event - team time. The Engineering team met for strategy and communication exercises, while the product and business teams met to discuss sales and marketing opportunities. Then it was time for our 65% introverted team (thanks trivia survey!) to have some free time before meeting for dinner and -- you guessed it -- trivia night, my personal favorite part of the trip. Team Delta Pups dominated, taking home a trophy and brand new airpods!

On our final day, we started the morning a little more slowly with coffee, pastries, and a disc golf tutorial from our in-house expert, Andy. We then headed to Morley Field in Balboa park for a disc golf tournament. The competition was fierce, and in the end, there was a tie between the Delta Pups and the A team. Good game everyone! After tapas and some free time, it was time for our final meal, rooftop sushi, followed by a poker tournament. Andy and Jim took home the trophy this year, and we all learned a bit about reading people for our future Facet interviews. 

Overall, it was an amazing trip, and the connections we made have since translated into more genuine and productive virtual conversations. I look forward to all of the Facet offsites yet to come!

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