How DSPs Use Facet Alerts to Protect their Business

Adam Kaiser
Adam Kaiser
How DSPs Use Facet Alerts to Protect their Business

Anyone working at a programmatic buying firm knows how quickly campaigns, line items, and creatives accumulate. The million-dollar question is: how do I keep track of my spend? As campaigns scale and your customers trust you with their budgets, every second matters for reaching your audience. Individuals can only be so vigilant considering they often rely on reporting tools that only provide daily check-ins, leaving dangerous lapses in time. At Facet, we’re excited to finally bring a real-time, proactive solution to market: Alerts. 

Alerts automatically trigger and send notifications based on a percentage change or threshold reached. So, when your most important campaigns go live, you can schedule Slack notifications to your personal direct messages or right to your teams’ shared Slack channel. If troubleshooting is required, the team can troubleshoot and collaborate on next steps to understand the root cause right in Slack. Facet proactive Alerts will reduce revenue loss at scale and decrease the risk of damaging your most important partnerships. 

We’re here to help. Let Facet be your watchful eye over your campaigns 👀 , so your AdOps managers can spend their valuable time optimizing and improving campaigns. Check out some examples of how to use Alerts below. 

Campaign Pacing Alerting

Launch your most important campaigns with the confidence that you are pacing as expected by creating daily or hourly Alerts. Set an Alert for Changes by % for your campaign(s) and get proactive Alerts pushed to you so you aren’t spending time monitoring pacing, rather you can focus on increasing efficiency and velocity with other campaigns and partners.

Hour/Hour Alerting

A simple alert can save thousands of dollars. Buying platforms can quickly and easily set up hour/hour alerts for campaigns right when they go live. If your campaign impressions won decrease by 80%, receive a notification to get it back up and spending quickly. 

Deal ID Alerting

Deal IDs are notoriously hard to track. The curated auctions being sent are controlled on the supply side by the inventory source (publisher) - two hops. Proactively set alerts so that you know if your bid activity changes.

Bulk Update Alerts 

The only thing better than alerts for one campaign… alerts for all campaigns! You can now easily create alerts for one Dimension filter value, or many or all. This tool can be leveraged to set a series of alerts for different severities of change. 

There are countless alerts you can make as a DSP to protect revenue and drive incremental revenue. Here are few more examples:

  • Campaign win rate monitoring - Ensure your delivery is pacing to goal. 
  • Click rate - % change for Click Through Rate in the event a creative malfunctions or is blocked. 
  • Conversions - Create a threshold alert for conversions - don’t lose CPI revenue!
  • Creatives - Alerts for key creatives to ensure scale or facilitate creative optimization strategies, A/B testing.
  • Supply - Increase in impressions, drop-in average win price, decrease in wins 

Interested in using Facet Alerts today? Learn how to implement in your workspace from our Proactive Alerting Docs, or book time with us to connect and get a walkthrough. 

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