Introducing Facet's Remote Policy

Haley Newhall
Haley Newhall
Introducing Facet's Remote Policy

We aspire to build a remote culture that leverages the advantages of remote work while mitigating the disadvantages employees often experience when working outside an office. While some remote policies are criticized for taking a rigid approach, Facet’s philosophy focuses on striking a balance between accountability, transparency, and flexibility. As our team continues to grow, we’re excited to launch our new remote policy to provide current and prospective employees a framework to build upon when developing their own remote work routines. 

Because Facet has team members distributed across the U.S., working in four different time zones, we have created availability guidelines to accommodate our team wherever they may be plugging in from. Rather than create set working hours, we have provided a daily window in which company-wide meetings should be scheduled. We also ask that our team reflect their availability and personal working hours in their shared Google Calendars for ease of scheduling. 

While we acknowledge that this policy may not work for all teams, we take care during our hiring process to only hire people with a high degree of accountability and initiative. We trust that our employees will get their work done, be on time for scheduled meetings, and continually strive to reach new heights. 

With that, we also believe in rewarding hard work and fostering connectedness. Our remote policy outlines several perks that our remote employees are encouraged to take advantage of. In addition to our quarterly offsites and weekly virtual fun, we recently rolled out a new expensed travel pod policy. Once every four months, Facet employees can work at one of three pod offices across the U.S. and expense round trip travel for up to seven days. Likewise, our remote policy emphasizes our unlimited vacation benefit and recommends that our employees take three weeks off each year. Not only that, but we require at least one full week of vacation each year to ensure that our team stays happy and energized. 

Overall, Facet’s remote culture should continuously strive to build a better, more inclusive distributed company where people want to work. To view our entire remote policy, including responsiveness guidelines, communication tools, WFH gear budgets, and more, click here. We’re extremely excited to see this policy in action!

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