Monitor Revenue and Increase ROI with Facet Alerts

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn
Monitor Revenue and Increase ROI with Facet Alerts

We're excited to roll-out our alerts beta to proactively inform you and your team if a threshold is triggered on a key metric across your workspace. Alerts are meant to help you safeguard your business and quickly identify and address any problem before it impacts revenue.

What’s the cost of an hour of lost revenue?

How do alerts work?

1. Trigger alerts depending on a % increase or decrease on any selected key metric

2. Get push notifications to Slack when a % change is detected

3. Give your entire team access to data and remove manual monitoring

4. Autogenerate alerts in Slack and shared Slack channels and eliminate internal silos


5. Create opportunities for quick collaboration and problem-solving with in-line comments


Interested in accessing alerts? Sign-up to be a part of our alerts beta by scheduling a call with Sales to learn more.

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