Q2 Product Updates

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn
Q2 Product Updates

Empowering collaboration and efficiency with enhancements to our Slack integration

We’ve released additional updates to our Slack integration to increase your team’s collaboration inside of Facet.

In addition to previously being able to share Facet workspace links directly in Slack, you can now also schedule reports to be pushed regularly to Slack, so you can seamlessly track, review, and share your key business metrics as needed.

Data integration made easier with S3 and Google Cloud Storage

We've launched additional integrations to ensure we’re able to work with your existing data pipeline regardless of whether that includes storage on a Cloud Data Warehouse. Through vendors like FiveTran, we’re now able to offer new integrations with Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage (GCS) buckets.

Self-service onboarding allows for setup in minutes

With self-service onboarding, Snowflake and BigQuery users can now create their own Facet workspaces in minutes and easily keep them up to date, without needing to speak to a member of the Facet team.

Setup is fast and easy — all you need to get started are your database credentials and connection details. We connect to your specified table, automatically pull metrics and dimensions from your data model, and let you start exploring your workspace instantly.


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