Say Goodbye to CSVs (with Facet Shared Workspaces Beta)

Herman Yang
Herman Yang
Say Goodbye to CSVs (with Facet Shared Workspaces Beta)

Back in June we posted about the challenges that businesses face when it comes to sharing and working interactively with data between teams but particularly across organizations.  

Today we’re excited to announce that Facet Shared Workspaces is now available in Beta!  With this release, we mark a major step in realizing the vision for a platform that enables businesses and teams to collaborate on data with their customers and partners in a single, interactive platform.

But first, let’s dig a bit more into this important question - what are the specific challenges companies face today when collaborating with their customers and partners?

Howdy Partner, Let’s Collaborate

Fast moving companies need to collaborate closely with their customers and partners to expand and scale their businesses.  Increasingly (and maybe inevitably in today’s ever-changing digital world), data is becoming the primary language of collaboration between these companies.  

Whether it's surfacing issues in real-time or identifying new trends, fast growth companies not only need to share data with partners - but also collaborate on that data to jointly drive a whole host of business decisions and activities.  These include identifying and resolving operational issues, uncovering new opportunities, enabling coordinated go-to-market efforts between teams - the list goes on and on.

Of course, deciding what data to share with which partners is only the beginning.  Companies need to make sure the data sharing is done securely - that only the right people on the right teams within their partner organizations have access to relevant data.  As metrics are updated and new data is made available within a company, how can these changes be communicated and flow seamlessly to partners?  And as the list of customers or partners grow, how can companies manage the increasing complexity of what data is shared with whom?

How Companies Share Information Today

Today, the de facto is sending emails and csv files back and forth but teams quickly run into issues:

  • Is this the right or most current version of the data?
  • Are these files being shared with others downstream?
  • How do I reconcile this csv with my existing data?
  • Do I have the context to interpret this csv correctly?

Even companies that provide partner dashboards usually need to make tradeoffs on how the data sharing and collaboration happens in practice:

  • Up-to-date, but not enough details to be useful
  • Data is more comprehensive, but out of date or log-level

A more modern approach that some forward-looking organizations have adopted is sharing data directly through CDW (e.g. Snowflake Data Exchange), but this doesn’t solve these questions around how to develop a shared understanding & context behind data with partners:

  • Are we defining metrics or interpreting the data the same way?
  • How can we collaboratively observe & monitor data?  
  • Are the right teams at each company notified when issues are detected?
  • How do respective teams share context behind analysis (root cause, etc.)?

Collaboration is Critical for Data-Driven Industries

In complex, tightly integrated ecosystems like AdTech, giving partners an understanding of what happened is table stakes.  Advertisers and publishers alike need to understand ROI and monetization effectiveness for every impression bought or sold.  In the programmatic world of digital advertising, every second or minute of time is measured in the data generated and ingested by all the players in the ecosystem.

For other verticals like SaaS/MarTech, marketplaces, FinTech and API-based companies this is quickly becoming required for go-to-market/partner operations.  

And of course for ANY business, being able to share and collaborate on the data that drives business, product and go-to-market operations for efforts involving partners is in the long run what will separate winners and losers in every fast-growth market.

Introducing the Facet Shared Workspaces Beta

Facet Shared Workspaces allows companies to securely share and collaborate with their customers and partners in a single, interactive workspace - this is a unique approach to data sharing and partner analytics that we believe is a first for the industry.

Easily create & manage workspaces for different sets of partners

  • Data always lives in your CDW and is updated within the workspace in real-time.
  • Batch create workspaces for all partners, and keep them up-to-date in a central location.
  • Easily define what metrics or dimensions can and can’t be viewed by partners.
  • Access for customers and partners can be granted, revoked or modified at any time.

Leverage Facet’s powerful features for partner collaboration

We’re incredibly excited to have you, our customers and partners, start using Shared Workspaces - and we can’t wait to see the different ways you’ll leverage this to work with your customers and partnersAnd as always, we’re here to listen to your feedback and collaborate with you to make Facet work even better.

Ready to start collaborating with Facet Shared Workspaces?

Sign up for our beta or speak with the team to get a platform demo.

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