Self Serve Onboarding is Live

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn
Self Serve Onboarding is Live

At Facet, we believe that setting up and maintaining your analytics tools should be easy and automated, just like the rest of your data pipeline. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of our self-service onboarding tool. With self-service onboarding, Snowflake and BigQuery users can now create their own Facet workspaces in minutes and easily keep them up to date, without ever needing to speak to a member of the Facet team. 

Setup is fast and easy — all you need to get started are your database credentials and connection details. We connect to your specified table, automatically pull metrics and dimensions from your data model, and let you start exploring your workspace almost instantly. 

The self-service panel also allows you to:

  • Specify which metrics and dimensions to make available from your data model
  • Create custom metrics using calculations 
  • Enrich dimensions with lookup values from external tables
  • Automatically pull in new fields and update your workspace, when your data model changes

We’re particularly excited about that last point! Facet makes it easy to keep your workspace in sync with your core data model. A data analytics tool that’s isolated from your automation typically leads to one of two common problems: the tool requires constant updates, taking valuable time away from data teams, or it falls behind and becomes inaccurate. Our goal at Facet is to put data at your fingertips, with a tool that requires no additional overhead in the data workflow. 

Ready to start exploring? Make an account and get started.

Want to talk to somebody and hear more? Book a demo call with the team.

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