Self Service Onboarding Beta Launch

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn
Self Service Onboarding Beta Launch

We are prepared to release our new self-serve workspace management tool for beta users to begin creating and updating their workspaces. Previously, you needed to contact your account manager in order to create a new workspace, or to make any updates to an existing workspace.  Now you can handle this on your own, in only a few minutes.  Specifically you now can:

  • Authenticate into your Snowflake and BigQuery tables
  • Automatically suggest changes to implement new fields from an updated data model
  • Select which dimensions and metrics to make visible
  • Custom calculated metrics

We built this self serve management tool so you can quickly create new workspaces to help you easily integrate with Facet in only a few minutes, instead of a few weeks.  Equally as important, as your business and data models evolve, Facet will automatically suggest when there are new fields to be added into your workspace.

At Facet, we believe that the setup and operation of your analytics tools should be easy and automated, just like the rest of the data pipeline.  Too often, the data analytics tools are isolated from other automation, requiring constant updates, or worse, falling behind with not all of the correct data.  Our goal is to allow the data analysts to provide more value to the business by putting data at the fingertips of team members with a tool which requires no additional overhead to their workflow.  This self service offering is a step on that journey.

If you would like to participate in the beta please contact to begin a free trial with Facet.  All we ask is for some feedback on your experience.  Beta access will begin on March 17th.  

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Self Serve Onboarding is Live

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