Our Trino <> Facet Integration Enables Seamless Data Visualization

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn
Our Trino <> Facet Integration Enables Seamless Data Visualization

Facet + Trino is now live for anyone leveraging Trino for data storage. With this latest integration, you can now use Facet to analyze your data whether it’s located in Trino, Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, Druid, Pinot, Segment, or S3.  Facet is a completely agnostic front-end visualization solution that allows you to easily integrate, explore, and share your data regardless of where it sits.

At Facet we’re focused on eliminating static dashboards that are difficult to maintain across teams and quickly become obsolete due to constantly changing business needs. Getting started with Facet and Trino is completely self-service. Simply create a workspace and use Facet’s drag and drop workspace builder to add dimensions and metrics.  With Facet, you can save your team time, and eliminate tedious updates by creating a workspace that is dynamic and real-time.

Setup in a few easy steps:

  1. Simply go to create a new workspace
  2. Connect to Trino
  3. Choose your dimensions and metrics
  4. And begin to explore your data using Facet

Ready to get started with Trino and Facet? Integrate Facet as your front-end visualization layer and start exploring your data across Trino today. Learn more in our documentation.

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