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Welcome to Natalie Conklin, Vice President of Engineering at Facet Data

Kevin Weatherman
Kevin Weatherman
Welcome to Natalie Conklin, Vice President of Engineering at Facet Data

I’m thrilled to announce that Facet has hired Natalie Conklin as VP of Engineering. Natalie joined us April 1, and has already made a huge impact on the team. She will be joining me as part of our Executive team, managing our growing Engineering team, and working closely with Product and Business as we scale. We’re currently hiring 🙂!

When I joined Facet in January, one of my highest priorities was the search for a VP of Engineering. The search for someone with the right mix of technical expertise in our space and leadership skills to grow and scale a top-performing team proved challenging, especially during the pandemic. But upon speaking with Natalie, I was impressed by her ability to see the immediate challenges as well as her foresight to see strategically what’s needed in order to reach the finish line. After several Zoom conversations and a virtual onsite with Engineering, we were positive she was the leader we wanted on our team.

Natalie has a unique technology and customer-focused background, with a history of delivering on key engineering initiatives to fuel multi-million dollar business growth. Equally as important, she is a skilled coach and mentor adept at large-scale engineering function stand-up and ownership. Prior to Facet, Natalie recently held roles as VP of Engineering at Guavus, and Director of Engineering Delivery at Concord. 

We were thrilled when Natalie decided to make Facet the next step in her career. In the coming months, she will focus the Engineering team on system and process, in order to successfully enable stability, performance, and scale. We are energized by Natalie’s forward-thinking leadership and deep expertise in growing customer-focused organizations. I look forward to seeing what we can build together.

Congratulations and welcome Natalie!

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