What’s a Collaborative Analytics Platform for the Modern Cloud? (And Why Do I Need It?)

Herman Yang
Herman Yang
What’s a Collaborative Analytics Platform for the Modern Cloud? (And Why Do I Need It?)

As companies start to put more and more data into the modern cloud, we are seeing a new series of challenges arise. 

At a high level:

  1. Data is becoming siloed into multiple clouds, whether its data clouds like CDWs or application clouds like SaaS / CRM.
  2. It’s incredibly difficult to empower every person and team within the organization to access, explore and share insights on data in the cloud regardless of whether they have a data analytics background.
  3. Teams need to securely and dynamically collaborate on data in the cloud — whether internally across disparate functional teams or externally with partners and customers.

Here’s what many organization’s data pipelines look like today:

Collaborative Analytics To the Rescue

What do companies need from an analytics platform to enable true collaboration around data in this world of the modern cloud? 

Here are three things that a collaborative analytics platform must enable: 

  1. Break down cloud data silos by natively integrating with every place where structured data lives in the cloud.

Facet supports native integrations to Snowflake, Big Query, Druid and Pinot.  It also works with CDPs like Segment or elastic storage services like S3. By enabling analytics directly "where the data is", teams don't need to replicate and manage duplicate data across multiple systems. Facet also allows users to combine different data sources together in a single, interactive workspace so that even if the underlying data is siloed, viewing and exploring the data doesn't have to be.

  1. Empower every person in an organization to explore, interact & make decisions with real-time data — regardless of technical background.

With Facet, you don't need to know SQL to be able to explore and interact with data. Facet is designed to be an intuitive "no code" approach to data analytics, where any user can do deeper analysis by simply clicking to do more complex analysis or layer data on top of key business metric visualizations. It's also designed so that any user can add data sources from anywhere in the cloud, and have all available metrics and dimensions be immediately available as they are added to the underlying data sources.

  1. Facilitate collaboration across internal and external teams in a modern, powerful interface.

Today, Facet allows teams to collaborate within modern workspaces that allow interactive exploration & sharing of data rather than the traditional approach of static dashboards. Going forward, we're reimagining the way that teams can collaborate in these shared workspaces across functions or even across organizations. We're working on ways to capture and preserve all of the context behind a specific analysis or series of analyses, and allow that context to be shared and made available to anyone, anywhere. You'll have to stay tuned for more, but what we want to do is big and bold — think Figma, not Photoshop. Think Slack Connect, not email. 

Interested in understanding how collaborative analytics can impact your organization directly? Reach out to our team to learn more.

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