YOGA here at Facet

Casey Steele
Casey Steele
YOGA here at Facet

Has Covid-19 got your employees feeling disconnected from each other? Does your mind have energy but your body doesn’t? At Facet, we’ve found a great way to embrace the remote working environment and generate benefits of staying closely connected to one another. A connection that embraces our company culture and improves our personal wellbeing.

Yoga means “to yoke” or “union”. It is a version of uniting the mind, body and spirit. Similarly, we’re uniting our remote team members from across the globe by having weekly yoga and meditation sessions. Not only does this get us up and moving our bodies after too much stagnant sitting while on Zooms all day, but it allows our minds to take a break from the rigorous meeting schedule. Leaving our minds feeling refreshed and making space for us to refocus, re-set and sometimes even unlocking more creativity in our work. 

In addition to running sales and client services at Facet, I am also a certified yoga instructor. Every week we come together as a team and do a variation of yoga, meditation and breathing work.  Yoga doesn’t require any equipment and could practically be done anywhere. All we need is WiFi and a slot of free time. Now that we are no longer going into offices on a daily basis, it's important to keep the body moving. Sitting at a desk or on a chair all day can cause tightness through the body especially in the neck and back area. Yoga can help build strength, flexibility and balance that can work to release stagnant energy and get your blood flowing. We’ve seen an increase in general productivity and our general happiness when taking this time for ourselves. Dialing in from diverse remote locations from Reno to Raleigh, we are sharing the same space for that one hour we have together. I’ve really enjoyed seeing team members go from not being able to touch their toes to doing headstands and other advanced poses. In yoga like we’ve also seen in our Facet work, even the smallest little wins can make a significant difference in your confidence and wellbeing. So maybe instead of grabbing a coffee next time for a midday pick-me-up, you try out yoga instead!

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