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Your business moves fast and requires instant access to data to make the right decisions.  Static dashboards are no longer enough to give you the answers you need at the speed you need them.  Empower your teams to explore data instantly, without the need for SQL.

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Instantly integrate with time series datasets and move your data exploration tool within your existing data pipelines.


Give business users data super powers, without requiring SQL.


Facet makes team collaboration seamless.

The Power of Facet

With Facet, no more wasting time identifying and solving dashboard problems. Facet makes it seamless to explore data so you can save time and focus on what’s important.

For Data Analysts

No more ad hoc data requests,  triaging or complex SQL statements. Easily drill into charts to fix the problem efficiently.

For Business Users

No more dashboard maintenance and depending on your data team for help. Update dashboards instantly.

For Data Analysts: 
Updating the data model
Seamless Updating

API call as part of ETL build process to update downstream Facet workspaces.  No additional work needed by platform or data analysis teams.

Fast & Easy Access

Users have access as soon as data is available in the CDW.

Updated in Minutes

Time Lost: 15 min
Cost: $1,500
Facet ROI: $13,500

Day 1
Notify Multiple Teams

Platform team notifies data analysis team that data model has been updated.

Day 2
Show Manual Updates

Data analyst logs into traditional dashboarding tool, manually updates connections.

Day 3
Time Consuming

Data analyst asks the end users if new data is needed on dashboards.

Day 4
Consume Resources

End users find common use cases, and where to add the data.

Day 5
Time Lost Means Money Lost

Data analysts adds to dashboards, or creates new ones.

This is slowing down existing dashboards, or making the list of available dashboards even longer.

Updated in hours or days

Time Lost: 5 Days!!
Cost: $15,000
Lost Revenue: $13,500

For Business Users
why did revenue shift at 8am this morning?
Identify Issue

Facet alerts you that revenue has shifted with a preview, and a link to explore.

Understand and Fix Issue

All users have exploratory data powers so the first user to find the alert digs in and finds the cause.

Fixes the revenue drop near instantly.

Identified & Fixed in Minutes

Time Lost: 15 min
Cost: $1,500
Facet ROI: $13,500

Day 1
Search for Issue

Once you know the revenue has shifted, find if you have a dashboard created which shows the shift.

Day 2
Lose Valuable Insight

Drill into the shift on the correct chart, but now you lose insight to all other charts.  Open more tabs and have them side by side.

Day 2
Consume Resources and Time

The cause of this shift has not been seen before, so you don’t have the charts you need.  Message data analysis team to manually create charts, or build more dashboards.

Wait until they respond.  Revenue is still down while you wait.

No identification, difficult to solve if abnormal

Time Lost: 15 min
Cost: $1,500
ROI: 13.5K


Explore and drill-down into revenue data

Your business data is now in your data warehouse, but how do you use it? Optimized for operational business metrics, Facet enables everyone in your organization to iteratively understand the factors that are driving the key metrics in your business as they change.


Put your data to work

Leverage your existing data ingestion and ETL pipelines - don’t reinvent the wheel. Facet integrates directly with your cloud data warehouse, like Snowflake and BigQuery, and column-oriented datastores, like Druid or Pinot. Don’t have either? Connect directly to streaming infrastructure like Segment and Kafka.


Understand your revenue, without writing SQL

Instead of expecting your team to generate and run SQL queries, or build custom software, Facet’s no-code platform allows anyone to perform root-cause analysis, set up alerts and scheduled reports, liberating your data engineering team from handling everyday reporting tasks.

Streamline Your Data Analysis

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